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How to build closer customer relationships

On a daily basis an effective sales person will list the customers he needs to see or contact for that day. This should happen every morning before he starts his call on customers. He should also note any grievances the customer have and have honest solutions to the customers problems. It will also make good sense to contact the customer either by cell phone, email or SMS to remind him that you will be seeing him that day. This serves as a reminder to the customer and will put you in good standing, which will enhance your relationship with the customer. building-relationships

As human-beings we all have our likes and dislikes. As you deal with your customer learn his likes and dislikes. Learn the times that he is willing to see a salesman. Some customers prefer to see a salesman
before office hours whilst others like to see a salesman after office hours. By doing this one can get the undivided attention of the customer. This again, builds up a relationship with the customer.

Remember it is of the utmost importance to keep your appointment with the customer. Time is of the essence. If you pitch up late, it reflects arrogance on your part and that you are not serious about your job. This can damage relationships. Spend quality time with customer. Get as much in, in the least possible time. You also have to gauge if the customer wants a social chat or wants to keep things strictly to business. You have to go with the flow. There are many executives who like unwinding at work by having a chat that is not work related. Many customers buy from a salesperson simply because they like the person. This is also one of the factors a customer looks at, before he buys.

Learn what the customer’s hobbies are. Maybe he loves chatting about golf or maybe he loves sport cars. If you do not have knowledge on the subject it may be a good idea to sharpen your skills. Also be a good listener. People hate it when you cut in while they talking. By inculcating these habits, you will built a long and sustainable relationship with the customer.

Always be honest and truthful to the customer.Once trust is lost, it is very hard to regain it. Deliver on your promise.

Learn to smile. A customer does not like seeing someone who looks like he has the world’s problems on his shoulders. Be friendly and pleasant. If the customer has problems, give him a good hearing. It shows that you care. There are customers who find it very difficult to pay thirty days from statement date. See if you can negotiate with the accounts manager in your company for a longer term. If you can accommodate him you are sure to win him over. In this tough economy many customers find difficult to pay on time.

As a salesman, be service oriented. By this I mean, it is not enough just to take an order. Do follow-ups until the goods or services are delivered. There are cases where an excellent salesman brings in the orders only for the in-house staff to mess things up. This is a sure way to lose a customer and cause all the sales effort to be in vain. Be an A to Z salesman.

Remember the important dates of your customer such as birthdays. It is good to give him a present and show him that he or his family are important to you.

If you have the discipline and inculcate these habits your sales will grow from strength.

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