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How to achieve your sales targets

When making your first appearance to a customer you have to make a positive appearance.

It is the first appearance that lasts.

Questions you should ask yourself are: How is my dressing? How do I carry myself?

Walk upright but relaxed. Communication is crucial. This includes verbal communication as well as other forms of communication such as email, sms and phone calls.
A salesman may know his product but if he communicates badly he would come across as someone who is doubtful. A customer will not be sold by that person. Remember we are in a very competitive world. There are many other salesmen selling the same products and services.

You have do to something extra and different from the “run of the mill” salesman. A customer buys goods or services because it will help his business improve his bottom line. The easier he can do this the more he will buy from the source that helps him do this.

A salesperson should be diplomatically persuasive and try to convince a customer how the product or service you are selling will help his business.Also customers are not on the same level. For example
a $10,000 a month customer is not the same as a $100,000 a month customer. Remember the bigger the sale, the higher the risk.

One must also be aware of a customer’s credit worthiness. Some customers credit worthiness is so bad, that they will buy from the first salesman. There are companies who do a credit check on companies. A salesman must always check that a customer’s credit has been approved. Sales made to customers should be within the approved credit limits.

In life we are often confronted with making decisions. If we decide correctly this will have a positive impact in our lives and of those around us. If we make the wrong decisions it can impact our lives negatively.In order to make decisions as close as possible to be correct, we need to to do what we call a CAF.

CAF stands for Consider All Factors. Take a piece of paper and jot down the pros and cons of a particular situation. It is good to discuss with close family members and friends for adding more pros and cons to a decision. It also depends how important a decision is. There are many decisions we make on a daily basis without thinking about it. For example; what breakfast cereal should I buy? The reason I mention the CAF exercise is that when dealing with customers, you would have to make decisions. A customer may be a big buyer, but he tends to always pay late.Do you lose the customer or continue doing business with him.

One must always understand the culture of the company one works for. There are companies whose products are very common and due to fierce competition they tend to give customers much longer payment terms than the norm. Effectively they are selling credit (like a credit card company).

All these factors must be considered by a salesman in order for him to achieve his sales targets.
Remember sales is not an eight to five job(i.e office hours). A salesman should set himself up on call twenty fours a day, 365 days a year.

I knew of a salesman who normal working day was sixteen hours a day. He was driven. The results spoke for itself. Working hard is probably more important than working smart. That is why earlier we mentioned time, presentation and other relevant sales principles when dealing with customers.